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xHamster Creators Halloween Contest!

Hey dears!

2020 is certainly a year to remember. It has drastically re-shaped our life, from total reinvention and up to going virtual for living.

Have you picked up your Halloween costume yet? We want to know how you’ll be petrifying your fans this year! All the nightmares we’ve experienced give us plenty to pick for our 2020 Halloween outfit! … Читать далее

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BOO! xHamster Halloween Contest is COMING!

Are you having spooky sexy dreams? What’s your scariest fantasy?

Ever dreamt of seeing your wildest kinks come true?

2020 xHamster Halloween is officially on — and it’s as crazy as 2020! … Читать далее

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Make money from your cam shows

Hello gorgeous!

Do you want to earn money doing what you love while staying home? We’ve got something for you.

We continue our story about making money on xHamster Content Creators Program: if you want to cam, there is xHamsterLive. All you need to join the program, activate the xHamsterLive feature and start streaming.

Join xHamsterLive now and get:

- Super Boost Bonus: your stream will be raised to the top
- Monthly competitions with $ 24,000 prize fund
- Str … Читать далее

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Shoot Like a Pro with xHamster

Just because you’re shooting at home doesn’t mean you can’t create high-quality content!
To celebrate the launch of the xHamster Content Creators Program, we brought together some of the most talented directors in the business to give us their best tips!

The hour-long webinar was a collaboration with FSC, the advocacy group for the adult industry. The panel included award-winning director Fivestar (Kink.com and FilthyFemdom), Siouxsie Q … Читать далее

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Halloween is in the air!

Welcome to xHamster Halloween special!

Grab your fav horror porn movies collections and get into the kinky role-playing NOW! Reveal your spookiest sexual fantasies.

Sexy suits, spooky orgasms and facial cumshots instead of Halloween candies - that's what we call having hardcore fun!

Need some help to get in mood? Check out these crazy people having a horrifyingly good time! … Читать далее

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xHamster Host Workshop on Self-Production

Free Speech Coalition and xHamster will host a special INSPIRE workshop for amateurs and performers on Thursday, September 24th, at 11AM PT. The “Shooting Like a Studio on an Amateur Budget” webinar will be hosted by FSC’s Lotus Lain and feature

- Fivestar, award-winning Kink.com director and founder, Luster Productions

- Mark Stones, professional video instructor and content creator for Jolla PR and
SoyMarkStones premium accounts

- Siouxsie … Читать далее

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Hey gorgeous!

xHamster here, your favourite tube site in the world – and we want to help you earn money with us!

You are a performer with unique content, and you want to earn with us:

Get paid for every ad you see around your videos!

It’s easy!

• Create your sexy content
• Upload at least 3 videos to xHamster
• Once they hit 10,000 views altogether, you can apply for Ad-share program
• Click on “Activate” button under Ad-share and wait for review
• Start earning with xHamster!

More views = more money. You collect Читать далее

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Just Porn, No ADS

Join xHamster Premium and enjoy your xHamster porn without any ads and banners.

What you get:
· Clean xHamster website, with no ads and widgets – just porn surfing and pure pleasure
· 90k+ exclusive full-length videos
· 600+ top studios and performers
· Premium user’s badge – VIP touch to your profile … Читать далее

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Search by categories: updates

Hey xHamster Family!

As you may have already noticed, recently we’ve updated xHamster search by categories.

We aimed at improving our search engine and cleaning up xHamster interface to increase the performance. … Читать далее

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Sexual Politics

While sometimes it seems like our politics are more divided than ever, sex maybe the place where we all find unity. This May, xHamster surveyed over 15K random visitors to our site, and asked them to answer a few simple questions about their sexuality, their politics and their spending habits over the past few months.

What did we learn? Well ....

Conservatives Are Conservative … In Bed

Conservatives aren’t lying — they’re the most likely to be married (46.4%) and the most likely to identify as straight (72.3%). Members of Antifa and the Far Left, on the other hand, are the least lik … Читать далее

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xHamster Launches Live-Cam Pride Fundraiser!

xHamster Launches Cam Fundraiser with LGBTQ Activists and Sex Workers for Pride Weekend

This Pride Weekend, xHamster is giving back to the communities that built it with a three-day fundraising event for LGBTQ, trans and sex worker charities on its xHamsterLive cam platform.

Throughout the weekend, activists, artists and sex workers will be using the cam shows on xHamsterLive (and Pride partner Stripchat) to raise money for the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, the < … Читать далее

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Exclude the unrelated content by keywords!

FINALLY! xHamster now lets you exclude content you don’t want to see from your search result!

So, you like MILFs but not stepmoms? Anal without creampies?

Have it your way! We want to turn you on, not off! … Читать далее

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Liberate Yourself for xHamster Pride!

Activists! Artists! DJs! Sex workers! This Pride, xHamster is giving back to the communities that built us with a three-day fundraising event for trans and sex worker charities. From Friday, June 26 to Sunday, June 28, we’re opening our cams on activism. Читать далее

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News goes mobile!

Yay! Finally, you can follow all the updates on xHamster right from your phone.

Check what’s new with your friends, follow new videos and pics, browse the menu and click the links. … Читать далее

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Exclusive Cam Show with Arteya Dee on xHamsterLive

Arteya Dee, the rising star from Russia, is inviting you to join her exclusive live cam show happening on xHamsterLive. Enjoy yourself with this gorgeous pornstar and be part of her fantastic performance! … Читать далее

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Free Zoom Virtual Backgrounds by xHamster

Tired of boring, poorly lit Zoom calls from your "home office"?

Whether you need to spice up your next family reunion or just hide the laundry piling up behind you, xHamster has you covered. … Читать далее

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xHOMEster porn video contest: Winners!

Hey-ho, the best creators on Earth! Hope you all are doing well!

Time to announce the results of the #xHOMEster competition held lately. … Читать далее

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Live Cam show with DirtyTina on xHamsterLive!

An anniversary party you shouldn't miss!

DirtyTina is celebrating a decade in the industry. This hot sexy MILF veteran is waiting for you to join her exclusive live cam show happening on xHamsterLive today!

Enjoy having fun with your favorite pornstar celebrating ten years in the industry. It’s gonna be HOT!

Live Cam show with DirtyTina on xHamsterLive!
Book the date: Friday, May 8, at 8 PM (GMT+2).
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It’s Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is coming, and xHamster took care of you … In a way!

We know that quarantine has made it difficult to think, let alone express good wishes. So this MILF’s Mother’s Day, we made an automatic card generator for all the special moms in our life (totally unrelated hot stepmoms included).

Check it out now!
It’s Mother’s Day!
Wish her well, tha … Читать далее

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Double Payouts for Pornstars Who Cam

Many pornstars are facing financial challenges because of the recent production shutdown related to the COVID-19 pandemic, and xHamsterLive came out with an exciting initiative for both users and performers.

From May 7 until May 31, new & existing pornstars who cam on xhamsterlive.com will receive double payouts up to the first $5,000 earned on the platform. … Читать далее

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